God’s French Kiss

Last night God offered me a kiss…
Of course I accepted!
I could never deny such a handsome being as He.
Side effects?
I began experiencing uncontrollable affection
for every creature I could see…
Then, I was warned by some flirtatious angelic onlookers
that sudden and/or gradual death of the ego is expected,
lack of verbal communication with others/ reclusive behaviour,
fits of uncontrollable laughter, excruciating bliss,
and possible mental confusion might occur
as my life crumbles like pebbles,
from a disintegrating mountain,
to my feet.
They never mentioned this in the storybooks.
All in all, those amorous heavenly beings were right.
It was an intense night,
let me tell you.
But by morning I found the sun kissing my toes
requesting me to stir.
Wiping the sleep from my eyes,
feeling quite transformed,
I regained awareness and realized
that God was standing by my bedside
asking me to use my newly revised tongue to speak.
To enlighten this earth with the playful words
of my own cosmic sunshine.
Hmmm… quite a task.
Especially for one little being,
sitting up in bed,
slightly disoriented,
and recovering from God’s crazy
(surprisingly juicy)
french kiss.
Honestly, I almost declined.
But then, I began to feel something flopping dramatically around in my mouth,
and I realized…
My tongue has become quite powerful.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“What an honor, to birth my love into this world
through words.”
“Yes.” He said,
“For You have consumed God’s cosmic breath.
And all of life is born from here.”
Well, I thought, “It’s a good thing You brush your teeth often.”
Then with a smile God remarked,
“Would you like another kiss?”
How could I decline such an offer?