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French Kissing God is a book as courageous as its title. It is a critically acclaimed Rumi-esque poetry book for lovers of spirituality, God, Being, Mother Nature—or whatever term you choose to call all-denominational Divinity.

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The book’s exuberant, pulsating, passionate and visceral verses are the hallmark of author Lyric Benson Fergusson, whose words let us join her on a journey to enlightenment—from the beginning days when she was living as a celibate yogi-monk seeking God to experiences of unimaginable Divine Union and bliss.

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Lyric deeply experiences God as a manifestation in everyday experiences, in everything we touch, and in every human being. But as unknowable as the Divinity may ultimately be, she still finds God completely intimately accessible—hence French Kissing God! There is no place Lyric refuses to take God… and that is vivaciously refreshing.

While Benson may only be 32, her timeless wisdom speaks for itself. To read her Rumi-esque poetry is to be magically transported through the thrill of a young woman’s awakening in her body, mind and soul to the unspeakable immensity of Divine Love. Her lyrical sensuality “drags you across star fields” (her words) as she masterfully unites the spiritual with the sexual.

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The daughter of actor/director/songwriter Robby Benson (Ice Castles, Beauty and the Beast/ director of sitcoms Friends and Ellen) and actress/rock star Karla DeVito (who toured with Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell), Lyric Benson Fergusson came from a non-religious, Hollywood-influenced home.

But at the age of 19, suddenly faced with a major family health crisis, her own unimaginable physical pain, and the loss of a dear friend in the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11, she was in such extreme emotional and physical agony, she began to pray. And that moment changed her life.

Finding her way to Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, she ultimately joined his coherence-creating group for world peace. She then spend the next eight years living as a celibate monk in eyes-closed meditation for up to 10 hours a day.


In the silence, she awakened to God’s presence through a state of extreme bliss, “In my humble experience the path towards God-realization is, at times, extremely challenging, because you are swimming in such a different current than the rest of the world,” says Benson Fergusson. “But life is often challenging anyway. So you might as well hold God’s hand through the process. Once your grip is tight around God’s palm—and you feel the heat of His fingertips as your own—everything becomes so strikingly beautiful.”

In French Kissing God, Benson Fergusson’s poetry celebrates the divine spark within and without. She successfully brings the concept of piety back down to Earth in the complex playground of modern-day spiritual awakening—all whilst reminding us of our own powerful sacred nature.

This beautiful collection offers inspiration and insights, gives guidance, and provides encouragement for spiritual seekers. No matter their religious or spiritual tradition, anyone who picks up this book will find it eye-opening, heartening, humorous, and boundary breaking. She brings a message of peace, love and Divine-realization to awaken the heart of anyone seeking to experience a truly mystical existence.


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