Praise for French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment

Here is a lover of God and through that a lover of humanity — the world should welcome this wonderful soul to join the great voices of Rumi and the other mystics — let us celebrate our shared humanity with Lyric and the gift of her beautiful verses.
Ambassador Akbar Ahmed Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University and Former Pakistani High Commissioner to the Uk and Ireland
We human beings have a great forgetfulness, and poets like Lyric Benson are the voices that remind us again and again of our deepest longing for union with God. Through her words and here images Lyric ignites again the longing that will take us home
Oriah Mountain Dreamer Spiritual Teacher & Bestselling Author of “The Invitation”
My Goodness! To read Lyric’s Rumi-esque poetry is to be magically transported through the erotic thrill of a young woman’s awakening in her body, mind and soul to the unspeakable immensity of Divine Love. As her lyrical sensuality ‘drags me across star fields’ (her words) she masterfully unites the spiritual with the sexual – I find myself both profoundly inspired and deliciously turned on!
Bryan Reeves Conscious Relationships Coach & Author of “The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet”
It took only fifteen minutes with Lyric Benson’s exuberant and serene new poetry, to find myself wonderfully and wildly in love. With an awakened heart, Ms. Benson sweeps us across the border of all that’s familiar, into the enchantment of all that matters.
Barnet Bain Bestselling Author of “The Book of Doing and Being: Rediscovering Creativity in Life, Love and Work”, Producer of “What Dreams May Come” and “The Celestine Prophecy”
Lyric’s poems express so eloquently and emotionally in a conscious form a journey we all have experienced in a state of unconscious. Albert Einstein said, “Few are those who can see with their own eyes and feel
with their own hearts”. Lyric’s poetry can start you on a journey to be among those few.
Billy Mills Olymipic Gold Medalist, Lakota Elder & Co-funder of the Non-Profit: ``Running Strong for American Indian Youth``
It is a rare thing to see from inside a young woman’s spiritual journey, even rarer to understand it in all its sensual manifestations, but that is exactly what Lyric Benson Fergusson gives us with French Kissing God. And rightly so, for what is more life affirming, what should awaken your very core more than a spiritual awakening? From the blush of first love found in ‘Maybe After Dinner’ to the powerful rhythmic churning of ‘Wake-Up Calls,’ Ms. Benson Fergusson runs the gamut of feelings about falling in love with God, in whatever form that takes for you. A refreshing and original road map to one’s journey of enlightenment.
Angelina Fiordellisi Producing Artistic Director at the Cherry Lane Theatre, New York City
Lyric Benson Ferguson’s anthology of poems takes us on a journey into her experience of awakening — of coming fully alive with spirit to a place of beautiful authenticity. The candidness with which she shares of herself on these pages serves as a marvelous teaching device for us all. May we all be so courageous!
Dr. Jamie Marich Trauma specialist, Creator of the Dancing Mindfulness community and author of ``Dancing Mindfulness: A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation``
As I have been reading the book, I have had a myriad of reactions. Some poems make me giggle with delight, some make me swoon, others have me soul soaring. Each one wants to be read aloud to a lover. I think I’ll start with me.
Edie Weinstein Interfaith Minister, Speaker, and Journalist for Reach Out Recovery, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Beliefnet, The Good Men Project
As I read through, my heart kept expanding to hold the increasing vibration of “OH, YES-ness!” Each piece, that NEXT poem, became my favorite until I understood that each piece was part of the wonderful whole, as each one of us is part and parcel of THE WONDERFUL WHOLE.” Looking very forward to French Kissing God’s release; my loved-ones will truly enjoy this publication and I will relish gifting it to them!
with their own hearts”. Lyric’s poetry can start you on a journey to be among those few.
Melina Carnicelli Founder of Metatron Travel & Former Mayor, Auburn, New York
Through Lyric’s poetry, she beautifully shares glimpses of her profound spiritual journey. Her wild humor had me laughing out loud while deliciously reminding me of the divine nature of life within all of us.
Marci Shimoff #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”
These are startling poems — bold, and unafraid — that abandon the conventional politeness we use to approach the deity. This is a pragmatic and earthy love for the creator of Earth. This is the Song of Solomon sung to a modern melody and it deserves your attention.
Bill Prady Executive Producer of CBS’s ``The Big Bang Theory``, and ABC’s ``Dharma and Greg``
Lyric’s new collection of poems “French Kissing God,” as its name implies, juggles sexual and sacred elements in a novel and exciting way. By turns, audacious and vulnerable, this slender volume covers a broad sweep of human attributes. Though full of youthful energy and sensuality, it also signals the literary arrival of a soul both old and wise.
Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal World-Renowned Psychiatrist & New York Times Bestselling Author of ``Transcendence``
It’s certainly refreshing to experience someone having a sensuous relationship with the divine. God knows we’ve been in stuck sanctimony and piety way too long. Lyric’s courageously authentic poetry rouses the heart, tingles the soul and wiggles the toes.
Dara Marks Hollywood's #1 Rated Script Consultant & Author of “Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc”
A call to the holiness at the heart of every bloody breath. God is such a limiting word, until we see Him in the mirror. Read this book and remember Her.
Jeff Brown Bestselling Author of ``Soulshaping`` and ``An Uncommon Bond``
This book is awesome!!! I’m totally blown away by the stunning directness of Lyric’s transmission of the ONE! Her words are a flying carpet taking me, us — smoothly, swiftly, effortlessly — right into the heart of the heart of everything … that matters. I thank Lyric for sharing her deep secret with such eloquence, delight and poise— for exposing her Sacred self … discovery … journey… It surely will give flight, light and sight to many a heart.
Peggy O'Neill Motivational Speaker & Author of “Walking Tall”
Lyric reveals the true heart, that which is vulnerable and open, fiery and passionate, deep and revealing. This is mystical writing for and from the essence of soul.
Simran Singh Speaker, Visionary & Author of ``Conversations with the Universe: How the World Speaks to Us``
To say that Lyric has led an interesting life is an understatement. She is a force that comes in the form of spiritual pilgrim, astute student, ferocious musician, poet and beautiful woman. ‘French Kissing God’ is a reflection on all that and so much more. Lyric takes us on a journey through God’s mystery, playfulness and grace through the slinky, sometimes sexy and always potent poetry that can be delighted upon in this volume. I highly recommend it for any lover of the heart’s path. There’s enough here to go back to again and again, to possibly share with your beloved or to read as you’re going to bed. These poems are such a delight.
Zach Leary Writer, Yogi & Host of the podcast ``It's All Happening``
In French Kissing God, Lyric gracefully reflects the passionate and sometimes turbulent inner dance of the Goddess within each of us.
Sheila Applegate Award Winning Author of ``Enchanted One``, Founder of ``Be Awesome: Your Guide to Conscious Living``

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